Incentive points

This is a system that is being used by other groups (Luc brought it to my attention) and is something I’m considering using in our game.

Have a look through it and tell me what you guys think.

Table One – Incentive Points Acquired
Player_______________________Points Earned

Rad Longhammer___________________0

We are going to try a cap of 5 for the moment and see how that works.

Table Two – Earning Incentive Points

Update the Adventure Log – 2 Points Respond on the Calendar to Session Attendance – 1 Point Update Character Log – 1-2 Points Making a Tough Decision influence by your Character Concept or Alignment – 3 Points Adding to your Character Bio – Points Dependent

Table Two Explained Adventure Log – We will go on rotation basis so everyone gets a chance. If you want you may skip your turn resulting in no negative consequences other than you won’t gain Incentive Points. I will be retroactively rewarding points for Adventure Logs done.

Calendar – Your attendance plan must be updated no later than Thursday in order to receive the Incentive Point. It will not matter if you can attend or not, so long as you update your attendance plan for the session you will be awarded the point.

Character Log – I believe you all can make wiki pages. All you have to do is title it as your characters name and keep a log of your characters thoughts per session. You may keep these in the GM secret session so that other players can’t see them. If you have difficulty with the page you may email me these logs and I will make the update. These logs must be at least a few sentences and pertain to the campaign, events that happen during the session, other characters ect. How to get both points. Making a entry will gain you 1 Point, making an entry from your characters point of view will gain you 2 Points. (Its more interesting for me to read)

Making a Tough Decision – If you make a truly tough decision (ie more than likely has negative consequences for you) in order stay true to your alignment or character concept I MAY grant you 3 Points. This is to encourage roll-playing and so forth. I will be the judge and I ask you please respect my decisions. If this particular act becomes a problem I’ll simply get rid of it.

Adding to your Character Bios – This one is simple enough. If you add to your Bio with background history or character secrets, or descriptions and art work I will be inclined to give you Incentive Points. Depending on what you add, I will decide how many points to award. If you have already put in background history, ect. You will be retroactively awarded points for this. Also updating your character sheet when you level up will gain you points. (I know its a pain to keep track of two character sheets but it really helps me cause everything is in one place for me to look at. Hence the incentive)

Table Three – Incentive Point Use

Round Abilities Ability___Benefit___Cost

Offensive Prowess___+1 to Attack and Damage___1 Point Defensive Prowess___+1 to Defense of Choice for a turn___1 Point Skilled Acumen___+2 to to any Skill Check___1 Point Hardiness___+2 to Stabilize from Dying___1 Point Vigor___+1 to Movement___1 Point (For 1 turn) Dire Warning___+1 to AC of Ally being flanked for a turn__1 Point Nimble Recovery___Avoid a Critical Failure___2 Points Heightened Awareness___+5 to Initiative___2 Points Born Lucky___Force an opponent to Reroll an attack___3 Points (Against you)

Encounter Abilities Ability___Benefit___Cost

Offensive Fortune___Reroll Attack or Damage Roll___2 Points Defensive Fortune___Reroll any Savings Throw___2 Points Skill Fortune___Reroll any Skill Check___2 Points Resilient___Stabilize from Dying___2 Points Critical Threat___Score a Critical on 18-20___2 Points (Before roll) Adrenaline Rush___Gain an Action Point___3 Points Dead Man’s Fortune___Causes an enemy critical attack to do normal damage___3 Points Skilled Maneuver___Regain use of an Encounter Power___4 Points Deep Resolve___Regain the use of one Healing Surge___4 Calculated Breath___Second-wind as a Minor___4 Points Straining Endeavor___Be able to use a 2nd Action Point___5 Points

Table Three Explained Any points you use are gone.

Round Abilities – You can only use them once per round. You may an additional 2 Points in order to double the numeric benefit. Only one round ability may be used per turn but there is no limit to the number of times you can use that ability.

Encounter Abilities – You may use only ONE of the Encounter Abilities in any given encounter.

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Incentive points

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