Barren Odyssey

A Message Home to Mother

. . . and we finally found this drunk old dwarf named Birk Suntouched or something like that to give us some advice about the metal amulet we found. It was a bit of an adventure to get the details out of him but it did turn out to be a magical amulet that should help me endure the harsh conditions out here on the sands. He also rumbled on about some prophecy about Kalak and an amulet but you and I both know if there was any such thing it would surely be in the King’s hands.

Later while enjoying a light supper at the local inn another obviously sunbaked wanderer pronounced his desire to travel north and after making inquiries we discovered Rhotan the Balican Dwarf, and Trade Master for House Wavir to be involved with his maps, trinkets and rumours.

We, the companions I wrote about and I, made a profitable agreement to accompany both northward for a treasure hunt. I didn’t know the names of those that we discussed Derome or something of the Madder House. Rad knows who they are and says it’s a worthy hunt. I would have questioned him more be he is constantly being attacked by house women and drunken old men so I will have to see what information I can discover in Silver Springs.

We left Rhotan to his kanks pace and explored an oasis and unfortunately like so many we have seen in the arena Alek our odd companion charged like a foam driven Thrikreen into the midst of a group of crimson vipers who after one explosive attack stopped poor Aleks heart. Forming up with Rasgar, who now smells like the warrens, and with Rad sniping from the flaks we were able to overcome the bandits and take the oasis for ourselves. We rested and put Alek to the dirt before continuing on to the Springs.

I must say that my two new friends seem much better suited to the journey but I have held my own for the most part we even defeated a defiler and his minions when they tried to sneak up on us in the dunes. I think it will be weeks before I get that feel of bleeding with out blood out of my mind but Rasgar has made a pet of the Crodlu beast and watching him learn which end to feed has been most amusing.

I have to admit these city away from Tyr are very challenging to gain entry too and Silver Springs proved nearly impossible until we remembered a scroll we had found in Alek’s possessions. Luckily Rad had spent the whole night decoding its message and the dire warning about Chief Tormund’s son Ravi was able to gain us an audience. I also paid a guard well to remember me, as you said Momma, always be kind to the man with a key to the cell.

This Elven city is not what I expected at all and the audience with the chieftain would not be considered all together successful but we’re alive still and resting in the city for the night.

I wanted to write before we head out on this next part of our journey as we have been compelled to take yet another stranger into our trust and also to perform a second task of retrieval for the Chieftain which in the end will probably be paid for to Rhotan out of Rasgar and my share but hopefully we can still make the journey worth the fight. Master Rii, my thanks for reading this to my mother, I will write again soon … Kyri-Rii

The Journey Begins
Who are you people and why should I go where you say? Ah, I see.. coin!

A mismatched group of dessert wanderers has met up in Altaruk, and though unclear on each others past, have found each other tolerable enough (at least for now) to work on a common goal.

After successfully returning most of House Wavir’s goods and wagon, they enjoy a round bought by Rhotan Vor (a Dwarf and Trade Master for House Wavir they met earlier) as a thank you for their hard work.

While reminiscing about the days past adventure, whispers in the Inn can be heard once again about the dwarf..

Rumor has it the Rhotan has been seen pouring over some sort of scrolls in a private corner of the Inn, shooing away any people that get too close and carefully guarding the view of the scrolls from the serving wench.

What’s so special about those scrolls? what has he got to hide? or protect?


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