Barren Odyssey

The Journey Begins

Who are you people and why should I go where you say? Ah, I see.. coin!

A mismatched group of dessert wanderers has met up in Altaruk, and though unclear on each others past, have found each other tolerable enough (at least for now) to work on a common goal.

After successfully returning most of House Wavir’s goods and wagon, they enjoy a round bought by Rhotan Vor (a Dwarf and Trade Master for House Wavir they met earlier) as a thank you for their hard work.

While reminiscing about the days past adventure, whispers in the Inn can be heard once again about the dwarf..

Rumor has it the Rhotan has been seen pouring over some sort of scrolls in a private corner of the Inn, shooing away any people that get too close and carefully guarding the view of the scrolls from the serving wench.

What’s so special about those scrolls? what has he got to hide? or protect?



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