Barren Odyssey is set in the DnD 4e Dark Sun world.

Tyr is free.

Rumors of Kalak’s death have shaken the Seven Cities and some believe it is a sign of Athas’s final days. Sorcerer Kings tighten their grip on their own city states while seeking to expand their influence into the ever growing turmoil that is left behind.

The desert has become even more hostile, raiders have become more brazen and attack travelers and caravans closer to cities than ever before.

Mumbling prophets whisper of dark things that have awoken in ancient ruins burred in the Silt Seas, and how the past is coming back to again wreak havoc on what remains of this charred land.

Are there no new hero’s whom will fight for this lands redemption?

Journey on, though the wastes and sun cracked plains, and seek your answers…


Barren Odyssey

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